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intr.v. leered, leer·ing, leers
To look with a sidelong glance, indicative especially of sexual desire or sly and malicious intent.
A desirous, sly, or knowing look.

[Probably from obsolete leer, cheek, from Middle English ler, from Old English hlēor; see kleu- in Indo-European roots.]

leer′ing·ly adv.
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In "Batman," Jack Nicholson's Joker is a leeringly malicious palm-buzzer lunatic, and in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
The way the camera follows her micro hotpants leeringly about will no doubt appeal to the films core audience of young teenage boys.
Jo's long-time friend Frank Badger is played by Bo Hopkins, remembered primarily as one of Sam Peckinpah's macho wild bunch, the one who forces the people in the bank they rob in the film's opening scene to sing "Shall We Gather at the River" and who slobbers leeringly in the ear of a prim and duly repulsed lady.