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Well, William had to turn about and play on, willy-nilly; and 'twas only three o'clock in the world, and 'a knowed that nobody would come that way for hours, and he so leery and tired that 'a didn't know what to do.
Yonder are the Misses Leery, who are looking out for the young officers of the Heavies, who are pretty sure to be pacing the cliff; or again it is a City man, with a nautical turn, and a telescope, the size of a six-pounder, who has his instrument pointed seawards, so as to command every pleasure-boat, herring-boat, or bathing-machine that comes to, or quits, the shore, &c., &c.
He never was leery of anything on two feet, I'll say that much for'm."
They are able to change how they feel about their victims, themselves, and the world around them." When asked what it takes to volunteer, Diane says she's leery of those who say they want to "give them a chance." She shares a quote from aboriginal elder Lilla Watson: "If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.
The All Animal Expo Sunday at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton gave kids a chance to cozy up to beloved puppies and more exotic pets of which that they may be a little more leery.
I have not seen a picture of your actual cane, only one similar to it from the catalog photo you sent, so I'm leery of placing a value on it.
Being leery of imported toys, toy jewellery and antique toys.
Investors were focused on corporate results and leery of upcoming monthly employment data, due out Friday.
Some consumers are leery of peanut brittle because of dental work concerns.
Joey Potter, played by Hollywood beauty Katie Holmes, almost ended up with the central character Dawson Leery, portrayed by James Van Der Beek.
The Technicolor is easy on the eye and there's something of Hitchcock in the leery approach.