leeward side

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Noun1.leeward side - the side sheltered from the wind
leeward - the direction in which the wind is blowing
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On the northern or leeward side, there is an opening through which vessels can pass to the anchorage within.
If a cold front has made its way down here, the best visibility will be on the Atlantic side of the Keys, which is the leeward side during the cold fronts.
But to the leeward side, no less than seven or eight rows had the same color communicated unto them; and some small impressions were made on those that were yet further off.
After the vent fully opened, a vortex appeared at leeward side of canopy top and the vortex on upwind side was at the canopy bottom (Fig.
Starting off from The Palm, 'Toufan' caught a gust of wind from the leeward side and went clear unchallenged even as a pack of dhows pursued the leader.
It is sited on the leeward side of southern breakwater at the port.
The 1,266 metre-long quay facility is located on the leeward side of southern breakwater at the Port and provides two 320 metre-long general cargo berths, and two 300 metre-long liquid bulk berths, said a press release issued by the Port of Salalah.
The many ridges, valleys and small mountains in the Five Ponds area created another visible pattern: the leeward side of each (the southeast facing slopes) had little blowdown--they were protected by the topography.
Depending on their size and location it may be as well to add an extra prop on the leeward side of the prevailing wind to give them a little extra support until their roots can re-establish.
Raising contours opened to the wind produce up currents on the windward side, reverse eddy currents over the crest on the leeward side.
Stretching along a mile and a half of coastline on the island's leeward side, with room for 500 homes, Kohanaiki is dotted with more than 200 anchialine pools that range from the size of a fist to a swimming pool and lie mostly between the golf course and the sea.
From what I could see through the gauzy screen of snow, the passing ducks were homing in on the leeward side of the huge marsh.