left gastric vein

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Noun1.left gastric vein - arises from a union of veins from the gastric cardia; runs in the lesser omentum; empties into the portal vein
gastric vein, vena gastrica - one of several veins draining the stomach walls
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An imaging-based diagnosis of venous invasion was established when one of the following criteria were satisfied: 1) tumoral enhancement in the lumen of the vein, 2) tumor protruding through the course of a vein, and 3) distention of the vein due to extension of the gastric tumor Right and left gastric veins, aberrant left gastric vein (ALGV), right and left gastroepiploic veins, superior mesenteric vein (SMV), short gastric veins, and the portal vein were evaluated for tumoral invasion (Figure 1).
The anomalous course of the left gastric vein (LGV) has been recently described [17].
In the literature, it has been shown that portal vein tumor thrombus in patients with gastric cancer may be associated with splenic vein, right and/or left gastric vein, or superior mesenteric vein (SMV) tumor thrombi [4].