left-handed pitcher

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Noun1.left-handed pitcher - a baseball pitcher who throws the ball with the left handleft-handed pitcher - a baseball pitcher who throws the ball with the left hand
hurler, pitcher, twirler - (baseball) the person who does the pitching; "our pitcher has a sore arm"
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The award is named after Oklahoman and National Baseball Hall of Famer Warren Spahn, who holds the MLB record of 363 wins as a left-handed pitcher.
But a double and a walk against a vicious left-handed pitcher, after two days of not hitting, might be professional sports' most impressive feat, whether the public notices or not.
A left-handed pitcher faces first base, so he can see what the runner is doing.
The Kansas City Royals traded outfielder Melky Cabrera to the San Francisco Giants for left-handed pitcher Jonathan Sanchez and minor league prospect Ryan Verdugo, the Major League Baseball teams said on Monday.
Brilliant left-handed pitcher, his career was cut short by arthritis.
The Houston Astros and left-handed pitcher Wandy Rodriguez (http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/r/rodriwa01.shtml?utm_source=direct&utm_medium=linker&utm_campaign=Linker) have reached agreement on a three-year contract through the 2013 season, Astros General Manager Ed Wade announced today.
The highest for a left-handed pitcher was .033, so that 3.3 percent of the data was explained by the graph.
OSAKA - Orix Buffaloes left-handed pitcher Katsuhiko Maekawa was arrested Sunday on suspicion of involvement in a hit-and-run accident in Osaka on Saturday while driving a car without a license, police said.
Burnett of North Little Rock, right-handed pitcher with the Florida Marlins; Cliff Lee of Benton, left-handed pitcher with the Cleveland Indians; Dan Wright of Batesville, right-handed pitcher with the Chicago Cubs; and Dustin Moseley of Texarkana, right-handed pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds.
He has a .370 average and 110 RBIs and if he gets his eye in, he will be out to smash left-handed pitcher
A left-handed pitcher, Rolando Viera, has become the latest in a trickle of baseball players in recent years to defect from Cuba seeking a career in the United States, reports Reuters (May 21, 2001).
A switch-hitter always takes the advantageous side, batting left-handed against a right-handed pitcher and right-handed against a left-handed pitcher. Therefore, one might think that switch-hitters' results should be better than those of batters who are always stuck on the same side of the plate.