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Adj.1.left-of-center - believing in or supporting tenets of the political left
left - of or belonging to the political or intellectual left
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Left-of-center parties used their outright parliamentary majority to ensure the bills passed Friday, November 20.
After this, conservative forces dominated South Korean politics until a left-of-center party led by long-time dissident Kim Dae-jung won the election in 1997.
But two of his four opponents are left-of-center and threaten to bleed votes away from Moridi.
Leftist and left-of-center governments have since gained control in Latin America.
Aside from vulgar entertainers and corporate vultures, his rogues' gallery is populated almost exclusively by left-of-center public figures, pundits, and media personalities: Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Howard Dean, George Soros, Bill Moyers, Gloria Steinem, Dan Rather, and other usual suspects (plus some who are so obscure or so passe as to be unusual).
Perhaps things look different decades from now, but to contemporary eyes, it seems that today's left-of-center Supreme Court justices crank out their opinions in prose that is narrow, technocratic, and mostly forgettable.
In an apparent response to the popularity of left-of-center comics like "The Boondocks" and "Doonesbury," a new conservative comic strip--"Prickly City"--rolled out in July.
The left-of-center Colorado party may be in for a defeat, as polls have shown that the more left-leaning EP-FA party's candidate Tabare Vasquez may take the country's reigns.
In one story, CNS reported that the video implies that Lincoln "would have supported modem-day left-of-center political causes such as homosexual rights, abortion, and the modern feminist agenda."
The prize winners faced tough competition: Over the last 10 years, Gijon has carved a niche as Spain's top fest for left-of-center art titles, and most competish entries, from opener "American Splendor" onward, drew wide applause from critics and auds.
What they all share is a sincere, albeit decidedly left-of-center political, belief in making available arts reviews, social commentary and news from a black perspective.
The left-of-center Social Democratic Party won a plurality of the vote, but now this party, from its place in the opposition, must follow the consequences of its failed coalition negotiations.