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Noun1.lefthander - a baseball pitcher who throws the ball with the left handlefthander - a baseball pitcher who throws the ball with the left hand
hurler, pitcher, twirler - (baseball) the person who does the pitching; "our pitcher has a sore arm"
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My eight year old son, Vasudev is the first lefthander in our family and we never knew there was a day for left-handers until we read TheWeek.
"I know that all the people will be behind him, but I have been in that situation before," said the lefthander.
He was given an enthusiastic reception from the crowd but they reserved their most rousing ovation for Surrey lefthander Thorpe, who progressed from his unbeaten 28 overnight to reach his 12th Test century shortly after the interval.
False, says former major league lefthander Tug McGraw.
But the big-serving lefthander will be hoping to draw a fellow leftie in the first round at the All England Club in a week's time.
BILL RIGNEY to Willie Mays after Willie, who had always sworn that no lefthander could get him out, went 0 for 4 and was wondering what had happened: "Willie, that was no lefthander you faced.
However, the fast-potting lefthander roared back to the delight of the crowd at the Haidian Stadium
we have left-off...Take a left for International Lefthanders Day.
1 AN ESTIMATED 10% of the population are lefties and they get to celebrate their uniqueness on Lefthanders Day on Tuesday, August 13.
Happy International Lefthanders day to all the lefties.
The brains of the lefthanders are organized with reversed hemispheres or both hemispheres are used for verbal processing, and the brain-division of labor is less lateralized.
ISLAMABAD -- International Left-handers Day 2012 will be celebrated all over the world including Pakistan on 13 August (Monday) with the theme to create awareness about lefthanders.