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adv. & adj.
To or on the left.


1. on or towards the left
2. a variant of leftwards


(ˈlɛft wərd)

1. Also, left′wards. toward or on the left.
2. situated on the left.
left′ward•ly, adv.


A. ADJ [movement] → a or hacia la izquierda
B. ADV [move] → a or hacia la izquierda


adjnach links; leftward bendLinkskurve f; a leftward shift (Pol) → ein Linksruck m
adv (Pol) move, shiftnach links
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Were Canada truly lurching leftward, the beneficiary should have been its New Democratic Party, which has traditionally been the party of populism, drawing its roots from the labor and agrarian movements.
Lord Healey twice ran for the Labour leadership but was defeated by James Callaghan in 1976 when Harold Wilson quit, and then again in the contest with Michael Foot in 1980 which led to the party's leftward shift in opposition to Margaret Thatcher.
Bonnie Langford contemplates herself in the mirror after a visit to a celebrity hairdresser "There are many voters who will never back the Tories, and are now desperately unhappy with Labour's leftward lurch, who will be looking for a new home.
For Labour's right wing to seize back control and stop the leftward swing would surely be undemocratic: unless that dramatic lurch to the left is proved to be a wrecking tactic by those inimical to the party.
Those rulings may indicate that the court's unexpected leftward tilt will not last, and that the next term will give conservatives opportunities for major victories in areas ranging from affirmative action and union organizing to voting rights and class action lawsuits.
The shift leftward appears to fit with trends on very specific issues such as same-sex marriage.
Miliband's push leftward, away from the centre ground favoured by his brother David, the former foreign secretary, proved disastrous.
The free leftward turns thus created, she said, will effectively terminate the current overlap and tailbacks during peak hours.
The leftward slant is rather more dominant and this reveals a strong mother link meaning he is more inclined to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself.
Without such models, meteorologists would have never prophesied Superstorm Sandy's unprecedented leftward jink, but simulations using atmospheric physics identified that possibility more than a week before the storm made its fateful swerve.
Based on the findings of the study, the RTA has endorsed the blocking of leftward turns and U-turns in five junctions.
RTA Chairman Mattar Al Tayer said: "Based on the findings of a study, the RTA has endorsed the blocking of leftward turns and U-turns in five junctions.