legal age

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legal age

The age at which a person by law attains the capacity to engage in certain transactions or be treated legally as an adult.
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le′gal age′

the age, 18 in most states, at which a person is legally responsible and may enter into contracts, execute deeds, etc.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: age - the age at which persons are considered competent to manage their own affairslegal age - the age at which persons are considered competent to manage their own affairs
eld, age - a time of life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises; "she was now of school age"; "tall for his eld"
adulthood, maturity - the period of time in your life after your physical growth has stopped and you are fully developed
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Thank goodness I'm of legal age and able to transact business in my own right.
Ievins also wants the youngsters being punished for drinking before reaching the legal age.
Based on the accelerated adult smoker movement across categories and strong national momentum behind raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products to 21, Altria also expands its estimated range for the compounded annual average rate of domestic cigarette industry volume declines through 2023 to 4% to 6% from a range of 4% to 5%.
They said that the legal age of marriage for girls should be raised from 16 years to 18 years.
The legal age that defines a child should be uniform.
The protest, which was organized by the Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL) and the National Coalition for Protecting Children from Child Marriage, aimed to pressure Parliament to pass a law to make 18 the minimum legal age for marriage.
A GROUP of MPs calling for the legal age to buy cigarettes to be raised from 18 to 21 got tongues wagging online.
Reports from the Davao City Police Office identified the suspect as Vilbert Alladin Alboroto, legal age, and resident of Rigodon Street, Lanzona Subdivision, Barangay Matina Aplaya, Talomo District.
House Bill 1074, Increasing the minimum legal age of sale of tobacco and vapor products.
ISLAMABAD -- Senate's Standing Committee on Human Rights on Wednesday approved a bill that sets the minimum legal age of marriage at 18.
In the initial report from Pasay City police, Wang-Yi-Chieh, of legal age, allegedly committed suicide using a short firearm along F.B.

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