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1. Overly strict or rigid adherence to the law or to a religious or moral code.
2. A legal term or expression, especially one that is unnecessarily technical.

le′gal·ist n.
le′gal·is′tic adj.
le′gal·is′ti·cal·ly adv.


advlegalistisch; to examine the issues legalisticallydie Fragen nach dem Wortlaut des Gesetzes betrachten
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The most favorable hoped for outcome is that the exercise goes ahead, albeit with excessive numbers but few incidents, which Russia legalistically explains away by saying that each of the armies and national forces conducted separate exercises.
Implementation must be anthropologically informed, not just legalistically and democratically informed.
It seems to be widely agreed that the Navy has paid insufficient attention in the past to the ethical or character component of leadership and that ways need to be found to foster this component throughout the fleet--other than merely promulgating bumper-sticker terms and punishing deviations from legalistically formulated regulations.
However blandly or legalistically phrased, such a policy--under current circumstances--must fill with apprehension Russia's western neighbors who have significant or large ethnic Russian populations.
If you looked at it legalistically, you'd say 'They're right'," he admits, speaking of the more disapproving church members.
Ostensibly developed to address abuse allegations and victim compensation claims, the legalistically formulated 'Response' effectively protected the Church's financial interests: survivors and their families were not provided with legal representation (as were priests), their claims were initially capped by Pell at AUD50,000 and they were prohibited from disclosing information about case negotiations or taking further legal action against the Church (60 Minutes, 2002; Family and Community Development Committee, 2012-2013: vol.
By comparison, as the significance of the trial sentence diminishes empirically and legalistically, that punishment comes to assume the character of a penalty--a deviation from the practice law baseline.
It is living by the spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law: living out love relationally through our actions, rather than legalistically holding onto "orthodox" beliefs simply because those are the words that have been passed down to us.
It is also legalistically framed, seeking to limit the scope for a supervision process to expose the university to legal risk.
html: "In this way [the critics] misinterpreted it although many of us had stressed Bonhoeffer's clarifications that status confessionis means the Gospel of confessing Christ in a particular situation and not legalistically determining the borders of the true church.
56) A key feature of separation of powers is that the president is granted autonomy to protect individual liberties, (57) which is legalistically expressed under "prosecutorial discretion," such that the executive branch may choose whether to "seek charges against violators of a federal law or to pardon violators of a federal law.
Some groups--such as the Nusra Front--initially sought to portray themselves as opposition groups rather than Al Qaeda affiliates, (23) prompting questions as to whether groups could legalistically avoid the AUMF framework by foregoing a public declaration of allegiance to the group.