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One that makes a will; a testator.

[Latin lēgātor, from lēgāre, to bequeath; see legacy.]


(Law) a person who gives a legacy or makes a bequest
[C17: from Latin, from lēgāre to bequeath; see legate]
ˌlegaˈtorial adj
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Park head of operations Derek Proudlock says in a report to the authority on Wednesday: "Both legacies come from legators who had links with the park either through volunteering or user groups.
But the Romans and Greeks are by no means our sole legators of caiques.
When ospedali hired local workers, tilled local farms, paid local taxes, patronized local merchants, and conducted local ritual activities, the money stayed in the community, benefiting the descendents of the original legators. This is not to say that fraud and misappropriation were not real problems.