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1. Of, based on, or discussed in legend.
2. Extremely well known; famous or renowned: a legendary talk show host.

leg′en·dar′i·ly adv.
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in a legendary manner, or famously
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"After years of hurt, Sunderland fans deserve to see their legendarily loyal and passionate support rewarded with a day to remember.
THERE was, quite rightly, plenty of trepidation when it was announced that The League of Gentlemen - the legendarily warped sketch troupe consisting of Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson - would be returning to TV screens in 2017.
This is a very wise statement from a legendarily wise man.
With the arrival of 'Dark Souls: Remastered', which boasts a 60 frames per second screen refresh rate, even in the legendarily choppy Blighttown location, basic 'Dark Souls' has been removed for sale on Steam.
I was especially in awe of the hard-working orchestra and chorus at the end of each long evening (and yes, the seats are as legendarily uncomfortable as you might have heard).
AS if to confirm his legendarily listless and phlegmatic style of governance, the recent appointments made by President Muhammadu Buhari into the boards of federal agencies came quite late in the day.
FILM Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool (15) Oscar nominee Annette Bening and Jamie Bell star in this romantic drama, an adaptation of the memoir by British actor Peter Turner, recounting his romance with the legendary (and legendarily eccentric) Hollywood star Gloria Grahame during the last years of her life Tonight, 7.30pm, Memo Arts Centre, Barry.
London's legendarily grumpy commuters were bringing bags and bags of clothes to drop off and some even smiled as they did so!
The first moon landing in particular is a legendarily well-documented event, representing one of those rare moments in which the world was united in awe, witnessing the feat together on their television screens.
Although the greens will remain "legendarily fast", USGA executive director Mike Davis revealed changes had been made and they were "mindful" of using certain pin positions.
Sunday sees a legendarily fun gay night, but it's open until 5am on Friday and Saturday nights.
Given the known fact of Streisand's legendarily vast wealth, and Brolin's presumably less vast but still considerable resources (the man's been working for a long time, after all), this seems like solid advice.