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n. pl. leg·end·ries
A collection or body of legends.


(ˈlɛdʒ ən dri)

legends collectively.


 legends collectively, 1513; legends of the lives of the saints.
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While talking on the occasion, the Governor said that Afzal Khan Lala was a legendry patriot politician who was gifted with exemplary qualities of honesty, courage, foresight and a great intellectual approach and the vacuum created with his demise is hard to be filled.
Levocz chronicles youthful tragedy, the quest for revenge, hard-fought military campaigns, and burgeoning love, as well as the mysterious prophecies that haunt Tiberius Longinus who is noted in Christian legendry as the Roman centurion who speared Jesus of Nazareth on his cross of sorrows.
SWAT -- The 7th death anniversary of legendry Pashto actor Badar Munir will be observed in Peshawar Nishtar Hall on Sunday, Said Sherinzada Badar, President All Pakistan Badar Munir Federation (APBMF) here Thursday.
Wife Pippa, a singer who competed in the BBC's Fame Academy talent show, named their baby after legendry rock star Jimi Hendrix.
Banks Bihari, a resident from world-famous Taj city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh, conducted his last rites on the dry sand beds of legendry Falgu river in southern Bihar's Gaya district yesterday with the help of local Gayawal priests who are known to be ensuring salvation to the departed souls.
Officials said that the Saudi fighter jets bombed the historical Dam of Marib (940 BC) and the legendry Queen Bilqis Palace.
Addressing the ceremony, Faruqui said that the legendry artists and writers are our precious assets.
in The Marriott Jaipur What Mysha Services brings you a special package to experience the legendry history of the Pink City.
His efforts for the club put him up alongside the legendry Tom and Jack Callender, Bob Gray and Johnny Ingham.
The London production features several pals of mine - the legendry Bryn Terfel and my old friend Phillip Quast who played Javert to my Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.
Guest of honour at Vicarage Road was legendry Hornets boss Graham Taylor, who was having one of the stands named after him, and you could almost hear the former England boss utter his immortal phrase, 'Do I Not Like That' as the ball rolled home.
Srinagar, August 3 ( ANI ): A film on legendry Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib has enthralled audience in Kashmir.