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Quickness or agility of mind or body.

[French légèreté, from Old French legerete, from leger, light; see legerdemain.]


agility or nimbleness


(ləˈdʒɛr ɪ ti)

physical or mental quickness; nimbleness; agility.
[1555–65; < Middle French legerete < Vulgar Latin *leviārius; see levity]
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Noun1.legerity - the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimblelegerity - the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble
gracefulness - beautiful carriage
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Quod si quis libros haereticorum, vel cujusvis auctoris scripta, ob haeresim, vel ob falsi dogmatis sispicionem damnata, atque prohibita legerity, sive habuerit, statim in excommunicationem sententiam incurrat.
Tanner was Vice President of Operations of Legerity, Inc.
patents formerly owned by Advanced Micro Devices or Legerity in 2007, according to its ITC complaint.
The products include timing and synchronisation and voice processing devices, along with the recently acquired Legerity voice enhancement products.
Legerity develops signal devices for voice and data communication networks.
In fact, one-third of all voice or data calls pass through Legerity ICs.
Tanner joined Zarlink in 2007 as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations via the acquisition of Legerity where he served as the Head of Operations.
VOCAL has one of the industry's largest data and telephony software modem libraries, and supports all major platforms including Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, ARM, MIPS, Power PC, x86, Legerity, and StarCore cores.
Before joining Primarion, he served as President and CEO at Legerity and in senior management positions at Dell, Harris Semiconductor, Groupe Schneider, Square D Company, and General Electric.
patents covering technology that originated from AMD and its spin off Legerity.
The EVM also includes a system expansion connector designed to mate with Zarlink Semiconductor's Legerity SLIC/SLAC EVMs, allowing customers to quickly and easily configure VoIP-enabled POTS systems from 8 to 72 ports.