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 (lĕg′ĭd, lĕgd)
Having a specified kind or number of legs. Often used in combination: long-legged; four-legged.


(ˈlɛɡɪd; lɛɡd)
a. having a leg or legs
b. (in combination): three-legged; long-legged.


(ˈlɛg ɪd, lɛgd)

having a specified number or kind of legs (often used in combination): two-legged; long-legged.
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Adj.1.legged - having legs of a specified kind or number; "four-legged animals"; "a peg-legged man"
legless - not having legs; "a legless man in a wheelchair"
References in classic literature ?
Jenny is named for a singer and Fanny for a beautiful dancer, but mother says they're both misfits, for Jenny can't carry a tune and Fanny's kind of stiff- legged.
For the most part he saw only a mass of wavy, black hair, one brown little shoulder exposed upon the side from where her single robe was caught beneath her arm, and a shapely knee protruding from beneath her garment as she sat cross legged upon the ground.
And Michael, by the dim glows of the pipe surveying the scene of the two old men, one squatted in the dark, the other standing, knew naught of the tragedy of age, and was only aware, and overwhelmingly aware, of the immense likableness of this two- legged white god, who, with fingers of magic, through ear-roots and tail-roots and spinal column, had won to the heart of him.