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A half dozen, perhaps, had escaped; but the balance, with the exception of the five prisoners, had expiated their crimes before the nickel jacketed bullets of the legionaries.
trireme in the Mediterranean, ordered suddenly to the north; run overland across the Gauls in a hurry; put in charge of one of these craft the legionaries,--a wonderful lot of handy men they must have been too-- used to build, apparently by the hundred, in a month or two, if we may believe what we read.
MEXICO CITY- The Legionaries of Christ say offshore accounts opened by Marcial Maciel, its disgraced founder--and exposed by investigative journalists examining a cache of documents shining a light on tax havens--have been closed.
Contract notice: Concession dell~efficientamento of energy management of buildings, the public lighting network and traffic lights of the city of ronchi of the legionaries.
The school is part of the network of the Legionaries of Christ, whose founder was revealed to be a fraud and paedophile who had fathered several children.
As a result, Legionaries became a sophisticated political group.
99 Kindle), originally published in the UK as The Eagle in the Sand and available for the first time in the US, "The Zelot" continues the story of legionaries Cato and Macro in a riveting novel enhanced with accurate historical detail deftly interwoven into a superbly crafted story of the Rome Empire.
The plot follows a Celtic - that is, British - child Milo who is captured after his family is wiped out by legionaries.
MINI legionaries have been signing up to join the Roman Army and defend Wallsend.
Dynamic religious movements like Communion and Liberation, the Neo-Catechumenal Way and Legionaries of Christ, which have drawn thousands of followers, will be represented at the meeting.
THE ORDER OF THE Legionaries of Christ, already tainted by founder Marcial Maciel's two secret families and sex abuse of seminarians, has been turning a blind eye to the double life of one of its most prominent members, according to Reuters.
Complete with siege weapons, legionaries will return to the town''s Caer Gybi on September 1, after abandoning this furthest outpost of the Empire in the fourth century AD.