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1. Of or relating to the enactment of laws.
2. Resulting from or decided by legislation.
3. Having the power to draft and enact laws; intended to legislate.
4. Of or relating to a legislature.

leg′is·la′tive·ly adv.
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Adv.1.legislatively - by legislation; "legislatively determined"
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The financial reform is a cumulative and continuous work, and we have started it for a long time, regulatory and legislatively.
But, the offence becomes legal when it is judicially or legislatively indemnified.
The regents approval allows WSU President Kirk Schulz to move forward on the projects, but only if funding for them is legislatively appropriated.
The FHA is legislatively required to maintain a capital ratio of at least 2.
Councillor Long said it was "truly embarrassing" that Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where the practices had not been banned legislatively.
Last June, Colorado became the first state to legislatively authorize ridesharing services: Drivers for transportation network companies (TNC) must have primary coverage in place from the time the driver activates the TNC mobile app until the driver logs off.
It is food contact approved, with Documents of Compliance available on request as an assurance of legislatively compliant food safety in the packaging chain.
ASTANA (CyHAN)- It is proposed to legislatively toughen the liability of individuals who offer housing for hire and get income from this in Kazakhstan, Kazakh Minister of Economy and Budget Planning, Erbolat Dossayev said at a government meeting while presenting a complex plan for combating the shadow economy in Kazakhstan for 2014-2015.
Additionally, he shows that traditional presidents were not as legislatively dormant as is often thought.
The PCA Council is a legislatively created governmental body that uses citizen engagement as an instrument for strengthening the PCA program.
Malloy announced the bill's signing into law on Wednesday legislatively capping a 110-year fight between the Wrights and the Bridgeport resident.
The statement reads that any agitation in the Armed Forces is banned legislatively in order not to endanger security of the