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A specialist in law.

[Middle English legiste, from Old French, from Medieval Latin lēgista, from Latin lēx, lēg-, law; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]


(Professions) a person versed in the law
[C15: from Medieval Latin lēgista, from lēx law]


(ˈli dʒɪst)

an expert in law, esp. ancient law.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Medieval Latin lēgista. See legal, -ist]


a person who is skilled or well versed in law.
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[ˈliːdʒɪst] Nlegista mf
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I am pleased that a legist of your learning and authority should have pronounced such an opinion.
Elwany is a legist, observer of political affairs and policy analyst
He was a statesman, grand vizier, historian as well as a legist and he represented the radical change of Ottoman intellectuals during the 19th century.
44) That is, according to Uttamasikkha, Tipitakalankara is to be remembered only for his discipleship with members of Tisasanadhaja's lineage and his writings that engage with perceived authoritative scripture, not for his activities as a legist or alchemist.
The designation may be applied to new and substantially renovated properties that meet specific criteria, notably that they are designed to be at legist 15 percent more energy efficient than ASHRAE Standard 90.
46 The dichotomy between 'doctor' or legist, and 'saint' or sufi, that is, the 'ulama' and the Sufis, was first referred to by Jacques Berques, and later by Ernest Gellner.
Shumail Ahmad, a power sector legist, also not convinced with the action taken by PEPCO.
It is, at the legist, ironic that the writer of this had a job that prevented him from fighting (Hemingway, as a correspondent, was precluded under the Geneva Convention from participating in armed combat--hence his interrogation by the Third Army) and nonetheless went on to write about it.
We found one corn party that sells bottles of usnic acid capsules "for experimental research use only and not for human consumption" to anyone who claims to be at legist 18 years old.
The Gratian that arises from a reading of the primitive version proves to be an even more skilled legist than we had previously imagined.
al-Shafi'i, of course, was a famous legist, so the letters left were seeking redress of some injustice.