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tr.v. le·git·i·ma·tized, le·git·i·ma·tiz·ing, le·git·i·ma·tiz·es
To legitimize.


(adj., n. lɪˈdʒɪt ə mɪt; v. -ˌmeɪt)

adj., v. -mat•ed, -mat•ing,
n. adj.
1. according to law; lawful: the property's legitimate owner.
2. in accordance with established rules, principles, or standards.
3. born of legally married parents: legitimate children.
4. in accordance with the laws of reasoning; valid; logical: a legitimate conclusion.
5. resting on or ruling by the principle of hereditary right: a legitimate sovereign.
6. justified; genuine: a legitimate complaint.
7. of the normal or regular type or kind.
8. of or pertaining to professionally produced stage plays, as distinguished from burlesque, vaudeville, etc.
9. to make lawful or legal; pronounce as lawful: Parliament legitimated her accession to the throne.
10. to confer legitimacy upon (a bastard).
11. to show or declare to be legitimate or proper.
12. to justify; sanction or authorize.
13. a person who is established as being legitimate.
[1485–95; < Medieval Latin lēgitimātus, past participle of lēgitimāre to make lawful, derivative of Latin lēgitimus lawful, legal <lēg-, s. of lēx law]
le•git′i•mate•ly, adv.
le•git′i•mate•ness, n.


Past participle: legitimatized
Gerund: legitimatizing

I legitimatize
you legitimatize
he/she/it legitimatizes
we legitimatize
you legitimatize
they legitimatize
I legitimatized
you legitimatized
he/she/it legitimatized
we legitimatized
you legitimatized
they legitimatized
Present Continuous
I am legitimatizing
you are legitimatizing
he/she/it is legitimatizing
we are legitimatizing
you are legitimatizing
they are legitimatizing
Present Perfect
I have legitimatized
you have legitimatized
he/she/it has legitimatized
we have legitimatized
you have legitimatized
they have legitimatized
Past Continuous
I was legitimatizing
you were legitimatizing
he/she/it was legitimatizing
we were legitimatizing
you were legitimatizing
they were legitimatizing
Past Perfect
I had legitimatized
you had legitimatized
he/she/it had legitimatized
we had legitimatized
you had legitimatized
they had legitimatized
I will legitimatize
you will legitimatize
he/she/it will legitimatize
we will legitimatize
you will legitimatize
they will legitimatize
Future Perfect
I will have legitimatized
you will have legitimatized
he/she/it will have legitimatized
we will have legitimatized
you will have legitimatized
they will have legitimatized
Future Continuous
I will be legitimatizing
you will be legitimatizing
he/she/it will be legitimatizing
we will be legitimatizing
you will be legitimatizing
they will be legitimatizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been legitimatizing
you have been legitimatizing
he/she/it has been legitimatizing
we have been legitimatizing
you have been legitimatizing
they have been legitimatizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been legitimatizing
you will have been legitimatizing
he/she/it will have been legitimatizing
we will have been legitimatizing
you will have been legitimatizing
they will have been legitimatizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been legitimatizing
you had been legitimatizing
he/she/it had been legitimatizing
we had been legitimatizing
you had been legitimatizing
they had been legitimatizing
I would legitimatize
you would legitimatize
he/she/it would legitimatize
we would legitimatize
you would legitimatize
they would legitimatize
Past Conditional
I would have legitimatized
you would have legitimatized
he/she/it would have legitimatized
we would have legitimatized
you would have legitimatized
they would have legitimatized
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Verb1.legitimatize - make legal; "Marijuana should be legalized"
countenance, permit, allow, let - consent to, give permission; "She permitted her son to visit her estranged husband"; "I won't let the police search her basement"; "I cannot allow you to see your exam"
monetise, monetize - give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country; "They monetized the lira"


To make lawful:


, legitimize
vtlegitimieren; childrenfür ehelich erklären
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It further noted that the decisions made by Trump's administration and Israeli authorities are nothing but an attempt to legitimatize and deepen apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territories.
The move was an elaborate deception intended to validate Kiir as the only leader of the SPLM and to legitimatize his tyranny.
Some scientific journal somewhere might show the questions, the standards of deviation, mean and median results, the sort of technical jargon pollsters use to justify and legitimatize their results--technobabble neither you, I, nor reporters can easily comprehend--or see.
For those who try to legitimatize what took place, the oft refrains include, "Didn't they deserve it?" "Why did they have to burn the train in Godhra?" "They are all anti-nationals!
But periodic free, fair elections, as former Tanzanian President Benjamin Nkapa, pointed out are not enough to legitimatize democracy.
Through these decades of contestation over public knowledge, a rhetorical constant has been the invocation of science, along with its penumbra of facts and truth, to both legitimatize and delegitimatize public action.
They don't hide it that, for weakening and forcing back KDP, they will legitimatize every action, idea, relation, tool and manner as a reaction against the KDP.
By March 2016 Trump had taken the next step: he graduated from verbal bullying to frequent calls to physical violence towards protestors at his rallies; far from slowing his relentless rise in the polls, Trump seemed to legitimatize a vein of violence in the public sphere that has begun to feed on itself: he and his supporters appear to revel in it, glory in it, and find each other and bond through it.
He regretted that some Security Council member states not only hinder the listing of some of those organizations as terror groups, but also seek to legitimatize and embellish them by giving them various labels like "moderate armed opposition groups" or "non-state actors" or "armed rebel groups."
When we said, "Do not legitimatize the PKK by taking it practically or officially as a side," they would say, "Eucalan has the capability and experience for analyzing the events" (Deputy Prime Minister Yalcyn Akdoy-an).
Still, he believes that most accounts of the issue "neglect the root cause of the problem and are therefore inadequate." The key issue is that "their [the liberal and fine arts'] importance is now tragically denied by the academy to which they are entrusted, and which they legitimatize." The author writes: "This book is a contribution to the attempt ...