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Adj.1.leglike - resembling or functioning like a leg; "leglike appendages"
legged - having legs of a specified kind or number; "four-legged animals"; "a peg-legged man"
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The remaining pieces in the room had a greater amount of unglazed clay surface but an even greater variety of configurations than the five-in-a-row, including standing forms, the possibly rocking inverted arch, sometimes cradling other extrusions within its cupped contour, or snake-like tangles that might remind a viewer of Laocoon, or various leglike assemblies, some of them open and strikingly embracing space.
Kiing's blue triangle of water finds a rhyme in Herzog's Blue Cone, an inflated blue plastic bag sitting on the floor, crowned by a halo of foam, and in Loic, a triangular piece of rubber from an inner tube draped pathetically over two leglike steel rods set into "feet" of clay.
Pitxl acts upstream of Hox genes during hindlimb specification because misexpression of Pitxl in the chick wing bud leads to increased expression of Hoxc10 and Hoxc111 and results in transformation into a more leglike structure (Logan and Tabin 1999).