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n. Informal
Work, such as collecting information or doing research in preparation for a project, that involves much walking or traveling about.


informal work that involves travelling on foot or as if on foot



work or research involving extensive walking or traveling about, usu. away from one's workplace.
[1890–95, Amer.]


[ˈlegwɜːk] Ntrabajo m de campo, preparativos mpl
to do the legworkhacer los preparativos
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The current designer has invested 100's of hours in the concept, design and legwork and just can't take anymore time from his day job.
The contract includes optional power phases (LPH) 3 - Design planning, LPH 4 - Approval of Planning (pro rata legwork), LPH 5 - Implementation Planning, LPH 6 - Preparation of contract award, LPH 7 - Participation in the award, LPH 8 - object monitoring / supervision and LPH 9 - Property maintenance, and special services according to Annex 15 HOAI participation and legwork in the preparation of the technical part of a space book, including its continued writing, for all laboratory areas and the Einpassplanung the required large equipment.
But the biggest thanks goes to my team of volunteers for their tremendous help on the day, and my special thanks to my wife, Judith, who did all the legwork in the run-up to the event and on the day itself.
4 Mr _______ of Westminster featured a character who had an iron lady boss called The Co-ordinator and a vicious action man called Blair to do his legwork.
CUTLINE: (1) Above, Moe and Donna Bracken of North Brookfield, who do a lot of legwork and publicity for the Hayloft Steppers, on the floor at a Sunday session.
Choosing something a little bit different can be tricky, especially if you've left it to the last minute to be creative - so we've done the legwork for you and come up with some funky ideas to get you started.
Great Little Places is different to other guides, as it features little gems that might be hard to uncover if we hadn't carried out the legwork.
Gers managed to avoid more legwork thanks to a thrilling finale and Grainger admits their win could make his side's task tougher.
This pre-made set of models does the legwork by creating multiple "what if" scenarios and dashboards to provide clearer results, thus leading to better decision making in budgeting and strategic planning.
JAGUAR workers are yet again helping to raise money for a Nuneaton hospice - by paying for others to do the legwork.
Launched in late 2007, personalised concierge company Legwork Concierge is taking off on the back of increased demand for time-starved business people seeking time saving solutions.
is literally at the mercy of their advising professor, usually forced to surrender co-authorship of their dissertation, perform legwork for the professor's research, or suffer sexual harassment.