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Noun1.leisure time - time available for ease and relaxationleisure time - time available for ease and relaxation; "his job left him little leisure"
free time, spare time - time that is free from duties or responsibilities
time off - a time period when you are not required to work; "he requested time off to attend his grandmother's funeral"
holiday, vacation - leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure; "we get two weeks of vacation every summer"; "we took a short holiday in Puerto Rico"
playday, playtime - time for play or diversion
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I was not old enough to work in the field, and there being little else than field work to do, I had a great deal of leisure time. The most I had to do was to drive up the cows at evening, keep the fowls out of the garden, keep the front yard clean, and run of errands for my old master's daughter, Mrs.
But now, when the weather had moderated and the ship had anchored--now, when officers and passengers alike were on shore, with leisure time at their disposal--Clara had opportunities of returning to the subject of the lost men, and of asking questions in relation to them which would make it impossible for Crayford to plead an excuse for not answering her.
I promised, if you could not find leisure time to visit us to-day, to write and tell you all that happened after you left us.
The same zeal for self-improvement, which led him to steal the much coveted arts of reading and writing, amid all the toil and discouragements of his early life, still led him to devote all his leisure time to self-cultivation.
It is a question, perhaps, whether all this leisure time was given to the child as a relief to Pollyanna from work--or as a relief to Aunt Polly from Pollyanna.
He was to superintend the instruction of two young ladies in the art of painting in water-colours; and he was to devote his leisure time, afterwards, to the business of repairing and mounting a valuable collection of drawings, which had been suffered to fall into a condition of total neglect.
Did John ever neglect you, as you call it, while you made it a point to give him your society of an evening, his only leisure time?"
Cats certainly do love a family that has a carpet in the kitchen more than a family that has not; and if there are many children about, they prefer to spend their leisure time next door.
It takes all my leisure time to mend my gloves and refresh my dresses," answered Belle.
The younger men among them (being Englishmen) naturally occupied their leisure time in betting.
Everything in that house was done with some useful end in view; the women spent their leisure time in making garments for the poor; their conversation was never frivolous; laughter was not banished, but there was a kindly simplicity about their merriment.
I was brought up in the country, and my father in his leisure time was something of a poacher."