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Noun1.leisure wear - informal clothing designed to be worn when you are relaxingleisure wear - informal clothing designed to be worn when you are relaxing
article of clothing, clothing, habiliment, wearable, vesture, wear - a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
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The Group's portfolio consists of classic yet modern tailoring, elegant evening wear and leisure wear, shoes, leather accessories as well as licensed fragrances, eyewear, watches, children's fashion, home textiles and writing instruments.
We are finalising arrangements for our use of Steeden playing kit and our sales of Steeden leisure wear and these will soon be available on-line direct from the club.
Our coaches now have a dedicated collection of training and leisure wear which also provides a fresh, uniform and consistent look for our team.
com | WE don't take much convincing when it comes to lounging around in cosy clothes and when they look as comfy as Monsoon's AW17 Leisure Wear collection, we'll be the first to jump on board (well, jump onto the sofa).
The sort of chap who even in leisure wear looks as stiff as an upmarket Man At C&A.
In the field of sports and leisure wear the innovative, much-decorated outdoor brand VAUDE and the global manufacturer MAS Holding will present highly interesting papers, and representatives of industry and research will submit presentations on functionalisation and ecological production methods.
An edgier take on leisure wear, with colour-block bodysuits and cute sporty separates.
The Phiten brand is internationally acknowledged for innovative athletic leisure wear and health accessories".
Contract award notice: Framework for the Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Corporate Clothing, Leisure Wear and School Wear.
LEISURE WEAR THE idea that women over 50 don't exercise is simply not true.
99, Zara Sweat top PS24, Next Trainers with Insolia flex for added comfort PS25, Marks and Spencer Leisure wear The idea that women over 50 don't exercise is simply not true.
Everything about the 90 minutes was low key - from Mourinho's comfort-first leisure wear to his use of 22 different players - but the Portuguese admitted to being taken aback by the level of support he and his side received.