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lek 1

n. pl. lek·e (lĕk′ĕ) or leks
See Table at currency.

[Albanian, after Lek Dukagjin, 15th-century Albanian feudal lord and lawgiver.]

lek 2

1. A location where male animals of the same species gather and often present displays and where females go to select a male to mate with.
2. A group of males gathered at such a place.
intr.v. lekked, lek·king, leks
1. To have a mating system in which males form leks: mammals that lek.
2. To participate in a lek.

[Short for Swedish lekställe, playground, mating ground (as of black grouse) : lek, play, sport, mating; see fartlek + ställe, place.]
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1. (Zoology) a small area in which birds of certain species, notably the black grouse, gather for sexual display and courtship
2. (Zoology) the act or practice of so gathering
[C19: perhaps from dialect lake (vb) from Old English lácan to frolic, fight, or perhaps from Swedish leka to play]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Albania, divided into 100 qindarka
[from Albanian]
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n., v. lekked, lek•king. Animal Behav. n.
1. a place where males assemble during the mating season and engage in competitive displays that attract females.
2. (of a male) to assemble in a lek and engage in competitive displays.
[1865–70; < Swedish: mating ground]



n., pl. leks, lek•e (ˈlɛk ə)
the basic monetary unit of Albania.
[1925–30; < Albanian]
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 a gathering or congregating, as in sport; as many as fifty birds gathered together.
Example: lek of black grouse, 1884.
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Noun1.lek - the basic unit of money in Albania
Albanian monetary unit - monetary unit in Albania
qindarka, qintar - 100 qindarka equal 1 lek in Albania
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Once, during a brief halt, when he got tangled in the traces and delayed the start, both Dave and Sol- leks flew at him and administered a sound trouncing.
LEK was proud to once again support the assessment of the exceptional finalists for these awards," Ashwin Assomull, partner, Global Education Practice, LEK Consulting, said.
During the "Shadi Lek Hari" festival Kalashi boys and
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They have been inspired by the Sinofuturists, in a reference to Lek's video essay Sinofuturism (1839-2046 AD), 2016, which, as Lek put it, "shows how China's technological development can be seen as a form of artificial intelligence." This narrative backdrop derives from another of Lek's previous works, the forty-eight-minute film Geomancer, 2017, the story of the first AI artist--a satellite that came to earth and became changed by reading the Sinofuturist manifesto.
Only three species* lek in Britain, the least witnessed being the Ruff, an Arctic-nesting wader named for its puffed-out collar of feathers.
Lek was born in Antwerp in 1929 but came to North Wales with his parents in 1929 to escape the war.
In this paper we combine the different analyses on effects of hunting on population density, sex ratio and lek size to evaluate whether mortality from hunting had an additive effect on black grouse populations in the Ticino and whether these effects changed over the study period of 36 years as a consequence of changes in hunting pressure..
Lek sees that if you have a trick to fool them, you can be safe from hunters.
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