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lek 1

n. pl. lek·e (lĕk′ĕ) or leks
See Table at currency.

[Albanian, after Lek Dukagjin, 15th-century Albanian feudal lord and lawgiver.]

lek 2

1. A location where male animals of the same species gather and often present displays and where females go to select a male to mate with.
2. A group of males gathered at such a place.
intr.v. lekked, lek·king, leks
1. To have a mating system in which males form leks: mammals that lek.
2. To participate in a lek.

[Short for Swedish lekställe, playground, mating ground (as of black grouse) : lek, play, sport, mating; see fartlek + ställe, place.]
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1. (Zoology) a small area in which birds of certain species, notably the black grouse, gather for sexual display and courtship
2. (Zoology) the act or practice of so gathering
[C19: perhaps from dialect lake (vb) from Old English lácan to frolic, fight, or perhaps from Swedish leka to play]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Albania, divided into 100 qindarka
[from Albanian]
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n., v. lekked, lek•king. Animal Behav. n.
1. a place where males assemble during the mating season and engage in competitive displays that attract females.
2. (of a male) to assemble in a lek and engage in competitive displays.
[1865–70; < Swedish: mating ground]



n., pl. leks, lek•e (ˈlɛk ə)
the basic monetary unit of Albania.
[1925–30; < Albanian]
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 a gathering or congregating, as in sport; as many as fifty birds gathered together.
Example: lek of black grouse, 1884.
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Noun1.lek - the basic unit of money in Albania
Albanian monetary unit - monetary unit in Albania
qindarka, qintar - 100 qindarka equal 1 lek in Albania
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