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 (lĕm′ən, lē′mən)
n. Archaic
1. A sweetheart; a lover.
2. A mistress.

[Middle English leofman, lemman : leof, dear (from Old English lēof; see leubh- in Indo-European roots) + man, man; see man.]


(ˈlɛmən; ˈliː-)
1. (Historical Terms) a beloved; sweetheart
2. (Historical Terms) a lover or mistress
[C13 lemman, leofman, from leof dear, lief + man]


(Placename) Lac Léman the French name for (Lake) Geneva


(ˈlɛm ən, ˈli mən)

n. Archaic.
1. a sweetheart; lover.
2. a mistress.
[1175–1225; Middle English lemman. See lief, man]


(ˈli mən)

Lake, Geneva, Lake of.


- An old word for "sweetheart, lover."
See also related terms for sweetheart.
References in classic literature ?
Here I was, a giant among pig- mies, a man among children, a master intelligence among intellectual moles: by all rational measurement the one and only actually great man in that whole British world; and yet there and then, just as in the remote England of my birth-time, the sheep-witted earl who could claim long descent from a king's leman, acquired at second-hand from the slums of London, was a better man than I was.
The Carfry nephew, it turned out, had been threatened with consumption, and had had to leave Harrow for Switzerland, where he had spent two years in the milder air of Lake Leman.
The prisoner I speak of is better booty a jolly monk riding to visit his leman, an I may judge by his horse-gear and wearing apparel.
Yes, a fortnight since, and she died full of regret, which I could not chase from her mind; she kept repeating, even during the last night of her existence, 'Frances, you will be so lonely when I am gone, so friendless:' she wished too that she could have been buried in Switzerland, and it was I who persuaded her in her old age to leave the banks of Lake Leman, and to come, only as it seems to die, in this flat region of Flanders.
Sammy Ndung'u from Thingithu ward, Laikipia East, and Dennis Leman from Sosian, Laikipia North, filed the petition.
Grimes County commissioners voted unanimously to require high-speed rail developers to acquire a permit and provide sufficient proof of eminent domain authority before building a rail line over county roads, according to Ben Leman, the Grimes County judge.
Richard Leman, a health authority public health physician.
Summary: In rare show of solidarity, Leman magazine comes out with black cover with viral slogan 'Je suis Charlie.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Three prominent Turkish satirical magazines -- Leman, Penguen and Uykusuz -- will publish a common cover that reads "Je suis Charlie" to express their support for the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, which became the target of a fatal attack last week.
Khimji's Watches now has the latest Caran d'Ache Leman Cashmere collection of writing instruments and accessories, a press release said.
Richard Leman, the head of British hockey, had faced an almost impossible task against Lord Coe after the success of the London 2012 Games.
Leman maintains that the teen years can be the most fun years of life for everyone --and the secret lies in keeping your teen in your world while understanding his world.