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n. pl. lem·nis·ci (-nĭs′ī′, -nĭs′kī′, -nĭs′kē) Anatomy
A bundle or band of sensory nerve fibers.

[Latin lēmniscus, ribbon, from Greek lēmniskos, perhaps from Lēmnos, Lemnos.]


n, pl -nisci (-ˈnɪsaɪ; -ˈnɪskiː)
(Anatomy) anatomy a technical name for fillet9
[C19: New Latin, from Latin, from Greek lēmniskos ribbon]


(lɛmˈnɪs kəs)

n., pl. -nis•ci (-ˈnɪs aɪ, -ˈnɪs ki)
a band of sensory nerve fibers in the brain.
[1840–50; < New Latin; Latin lēmniscus pendent ribbon < Greek lēmnískos ribbon]
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Noun1.lemniscus - a bundle of sensory nerve fibers going to the thalamus
afferent, afferent nerve, sensory nerve - a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system
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Proboscis receptacle is double walled; lemnisci slightly unequal testes in the anterior trunk; four tubular cement glands; Saefftigen's pouch and cement glands elongated; bursa is well developed and muscular.
Lemnisci longer than the proboscis receptacle the left measuring 1.35-2.44 by 0.16-0.22 and the right measuring 1.36-2.76 by 0.16-0.24.
(1-3) Normal fiber tracts are also seen in the brainstem (including the corticospinal tracts, medial lemnisci, and superior, middle and inferior cerebellar peduncles).