lemon peel

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Noun1.lemon peel - the rind of a lemonlemon peel - the rind of a lemon      
peel, skin - the rind of a fruit or vegetable
lemon - yellow oval fruit with juicy acidic flesh
lemon zest - tiny bits of lemon peel
lemon oil - fragrant yellow oil obtained from the lemon peel
2.lemon peel - strips of lemon peel cooked in sugar and coated with sugar
candied citrus peel - strips of citrus peel cooked in a sugar syrup
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Maybe you don't count it nothing to have a real college doctor to see you every day--you, John, with your head broke--or you, George Merry, that had the ague shakes upon you not six hours agone, and has your eyes the colour of lemon peel to this same moment on the clock?
The scent of the flowers, the booty of the bee, the primal drip of spring waters, the overture of the lark, the twist of lemon peel on the cocktail of creation--such is the bride.
Notes of fresh lemon peel and ripe exotic fruits such make it perfect to start your meal.
Lemon peel can also help you improve your health or stay healthy.
Stir in the spices, lemon zest and flour, then tip in the candied lemon peel and stem ginger - you might need to get your hands in to bring the mix together as a dough.
Serve in a chilled coupe glass MAKES 1 COCKTAIL INGREDIENTS 1 bar spoon caster sugar 5 fresh raspberries Juice 1/2 lemon (25ml) 15ml orgeat almond syrup 20ml water from a can of chickpeas (aquafaba) 50ml Bombay Sapphire English Estate gin TO GARNISH: Lemon peel twist 1 mint leaf Edible flowers 1.
It showcases eight botanicals, including sweet orange peel, geranium, coriander and lemon peel which combine to make an interesting gin.
The pink gin is a blush colour, from the infusion of rose petals, and uses 12 botanicals including lemon peel, orange peel, elderflower, rose hip, gooseberries and fuchsia flowers.
Asheville Tea's 2019 iced tea seasonal releases include: Elderflower Rose, a blend of blooms with elderflower, rose petals, lemon balm, lemon peel and nettle; Lavender Limoncello, a bLend of lemon verbena, lavender, Lemon peel, lemon basil, juniper berry and purple shiso; Blue Mint, a colourful blend of blue butterfly pea flower, peppermint, lemongrass and blue cornflower; and Hibiscus Mojito, a botanical blend of hibiscus, mojito mint, peppermint and lime basil." It's a lot of fun to work with local healthful herbs like this to bring a splash of colour and vibrancy to our blends, without any artificial ingredients," Dean said.
JAWBOX PICK ME UP Ingredients 35ml Jawbox, 25ml honey, 50ml cold-brew coffee, tonic water and lemon peel to garnish.
Moth repellent Ingredients: lemon peel; 1 muslin cut into 10cm squares; string Put the lemon peel into a small square of muslin and tie with string to make a little sack.
Top with the champagne, spritz the lemon peel over the glass to express the oils and discard.