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At least the amount has enabled me to pay for the grate and, with what's left over, bought two boxes of Felix pouches for the cats, a bottle of lemon squash and a takeaway lunch for my wife and I which we devoured on the terrace of our home.
8DA followed QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Lemon squash 8 Fed 9 Ail 11 Regatta 12 Panda 13 Ore 14 Get 15 Mascara 17 Kid 19 Lynx 21 Abet 23 Asia 25 Pane 27 Mrs 29 Termite 31 Nip 34 Cue 36 Sting 37 Release 38 Yes 39 Gel 40 Made to order.
Crown ( has some lovely, soft colours, including the delicate, spring-like lemon squash and a fragile blue called oxygen.
Above: Lemon Squash Kitchen & Bathroom paint, PS25.49/2.5 litres; Right: Sky High Easy Clean Matt Emulsion, PS26.49/2.5 litres, both Crown Paints
We could choose to have tea, iced coffee or lemon squash to drink but the hardest choice was choosing which cakes to have as they looked exceptionally good, especially the chocolate torte, which had an edible gold crown motif on the top.
Anyone old enough to remember Corona lemon squash from 1932?
The shortage of lemons and their like caused the more creative to fixate on the strangest of things, like lemon squash. 'You never miss the water till the well runs dry', Mr Morton was wont to sing to his friend, I use the term loosely, Lulu at Mahogany Hall musical evenings.
Add hot water and a large spoonful of honey to Rocks Organic Lemon Squash & Ginger Cordial.
"Tomatoes are eaten skinless, while no sauces are allowed on food, and orange and lemon squash are banned, with only water being drunk.
But the company said it will limit the number of retail outlets and vending machines selling seven soft drink products, including Nectar juices and Lemon Squash soda, for the time being.
It's the perfect setting for us to show our love of flora and fauna, and enjoy an afternoon of music, lemon squash and cucumber sandwiches.