lemon yellow

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lemon yellow

A moderate to brilliant vivid yellow.

lem′on-yel′low adj.

lem′on yel′low

a light yellow to greenish color.
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Noun1.lemon yellow - a strong yellow colorlemon yellow - a strong yellow color    
yellow, yellowness - yellow color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons
giallo limone
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Finely cut foliage, pearly-white spring blossom, good autumn colour and pale lemon-yellow berries - what more could you ask of a garden tree?
It has tiny glochids rather than spines and, in the summer, it produces lemon-yellow flowers.
Wrapped in once elegant but now campy butterscotch-brocade wallpaper, the formal dining room links through to the eat-in kitchen, which has original cabinetry and lemon-yellow ceramic-tile countertops.
Written around Van Gogh's bedroom paintings, Lemon-Yellow Rendezvous explores the magic and desperation of the artist's imagination.
One of the first scented varieties of Hemerocallis, 'Fragrant Returns' (right), throws up a profusion of large, pale, lemon-yellow flowers throughout the summer.
Hemerocallis citrina is delicate in appearance with large, rich, lemon-yellow very fragrant flowers that open at night in mid-summer - a real treat for those who like ambling through their garden at dusk.
The 22-year-old raven-haired actress flaunted a pair of lemon-yellow Balenciaga pants with a multicolor floral design and ankle zippers for her photo call appearance.
HIGHLIGHTS AND TIPS: Bright red and orange maples mix with lemon-yellow Tamaracks (one of few evergreens that turns color) in the North Shore region of Lake Superior.
sucking nectar from the wispy lemon-yellow panicles of Melocanna
mas, which flowers in late winter with lemon-yellow flowers on the bare stems.
THUS are our minds formed and the central focus of my education began to switch to that core of experience which emanated from the snappy dressers and the studied elegance of the lemon-yellow pullovers and white riding macs of 5U, the whole ambience more 'county' than you would have expected.