lemon yellow

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lemon yellow

A moderate to brilliant vivid yellow.

lem′on-yel′low adj.
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lem′on yel′low

a light yellow to greenish color.
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Noun1.lemon yellow - a strong yellow colorlemon yellow - a strong yellow color    
yellow, yellowness - yellow color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons
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giallo limone
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emily.retter@mirror.co.uk Brimstone The male is the only large, lemon-yellow butterfly in the UK.
Lemon Meringue, as you might guess, is pure lemon-yellow. American Goldfinch is more of a golden-yellow.
It has tiny glochids rather than spines and, in the summer, it produces lemon-yellow flowers.
Wrapped in once elegant but now campy butterscotch-brocade wallpaper, the formal dining room links through to the eat-in kitchen, which has original cabinetry and lemon-yellow ceramic-tile countertops.
This Korean fir is distinctive with bright lemon-yellow needles that have glowing white undersides.
Written around Van Gogh's bedroom paintings, Lemon-Yellow Rendezvous explores the magic and desperation of the artist's imagination.
Hemerocallis citrina is delicate in appearance with large, rich, lemon-yellow very fragrant flowers that open at night in mid-summer - a real treat for those who like ambling through their garden at dusk.
The 22-year-old raven-haired actress flaunted a pair of lemon-yellow Balenciaga pants with a multicolor floral design and ankle zippers for her photo call appearance.
HIGHLIGHTS AND TIPS: Bright red and orange maples mix with lemon-yellow Tamaracks (one of few evergreens that turns color) in the North Shore region of Lake Superior.
--sucking nectar from the wispy lemon-yellow panicles of Melocanna
mas, which flowers in late winter with lemon-yellow flowers on the bare stems.