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The IFSB report said a sharia-compliant lender of last resort facility and an Islamic deposit insurance should be developed in Bangladesh to support an Islamic finance industry which has doubled in size in the past four years.
To the degree that a central bank is viewed as being a lender of last resort, plans must consider the contingency that insolvency may render the bank ineffective at providing this function, with alternatives identified.
In reality, the European Central Bank is still far from becoming the official "lender of last resort" of the euro-zone area, something that would be more than natural in a currency union.
The present paper will argue that the operations of a central bank cannot be expected to adhere to the prudent lending principles set forth for a "lender of last resort." The actual lending practices and other financial dealings that occur under a central banking system will be markedly different from what is needed to resolve a banking crisis.
Rapid easing of monetary policy and a secure lender of last resort for banks and investment firms could prevent loss of confidence and panic
The reason Europe lacks a lender of last resort is that its citizens don't want one.
Either we believe in this system and think it will prevent abuse (by government), and in that case there will be no more reason to say that there must not be a lender of last resort. Or we don't believe in these rules, but in that case we should dismantle the euro We have to have both: an ECB that serves as a lender of last resort for a European federal state' and this state that is capable of imposing discipline on its members and making the financial transfers that are part of its role.
Topics include unstable banking, endogenous exposure to systemic liquidity risks, financial complexity and risk, from microprudential to macroprudential regulation, and liquidity regulation and the lender of last resort policy.
Ex-Im Bank currently has more business in its pipeline than it can support given the current cap limitations, and unless Congress acts soon, exporters could see their lender of last resort falter as it waits for the new reauthorization.
The First Minister said he expected the Bank of England to be Scotland's "lender of last resort" in any future crisis.
The European Central Bank will not act as lender of last resort for struggling eurozone countries, its chief Mario Draghi insisted, but left the door open to other measures if governments agree on budgetary consolidation.
"The markets hope that the German government is just negotiating by blocking any move to transform the European Central Bank into a lender of last resort. The Germans are thought to be trying to extract concessions from the indebted and troubled Eurozone countries.