length of service

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Noun1.length of service - duration of servicelength of service - duration of service; "her longevity as a star"; "had unusual longevity in the company"
longness - duration as an extension
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the most senior Representative based on the length of service in the House of Representatives
Length of service does not influence significantly the self-perceived morale level
According to the document, the total recalculation of the allowances to labor pensions for the length of service of about 90,000 pensioners of the appropriate category will be implemented.
So far the length of service should elongate to 35 year at least as per designations and appointment age accordingly, so employee could get their hard work rewarded and may not feel useless before retirement age.
Pension parity among the veterans retiring at same rank with same length of service has been a long pending demand.
Out of 116 underground workers who had morbidities, 89 (76.72%) subjects had put up more than 20 years of length of service whereas 43 (54.4%) out of 79 open cast mine subjects belonged to this category (Table 2).This difference was found to be statistically significant (p<0.001).
Very generous redundancy terms have been announced for the 200 volunteers, with payments averaging PS100,000 depending on length of service."
According to UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, NHS cannot afford to raise the salaries of its entire staff by 1 percent while at the same time meeting the cost of annual pay increments, which half of all NHS staff gets for extra duties and length of service. (Cihan/Ria Novosti)
The reality is they may get Statutory Sick Pay at PS87.55 for up to 28 weeks and additional occupational sick pay, depending on the firm and length of service.
"They can get either five years added to their age, or their years of service, or a combination of the two, but they have to be retirement-eligible,'' in terms of age and length of service to get a pension, she said.
The family-run company, which employs more than 80, boasts an above-average length of service of 13 years, with some choosing to spend their entire careers there.
The year-end bonus (the thirteenth salary) is the bonus paid at the end of the year, its size depends upon size of worker's annual salary and length of service in the given organization.