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 (lē′nĭs, lā′-)
Articulated with relatively low pressure of the airstream below the glottis, as English (b) and (d) compared with (p) and (t).

[Latin lēnis, soft; see lē- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈliːnɪs) phonetics
(Phonetics & Phonology) (of a consonant) articulated with weak muscular tension
n, pl lenes (ˈliːniːz)
(Phonetics & Phonology) a consonant, such as English b or v, pronounced with weak muscular force
[C19: from Latin: gentle]


(ˈli nɪs, ˈleɪ-)

adj., n., pl. -nes (-niz) adj.
1. (of a consonant sound) pronounced with relatively weak muscular tension and breath pressure, as the sounds (b, d, g, j, v, t, z, zh) in English. Compare fortis.
2. a lenis consonant.
[1925–30; < Latin: soft, mild, gentle]
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Later it is claimed, though, that "sibilants, like stops, are lenis if they are short and fortis if they are long" (p.
Three ships CMA CGM Verdi, Maersk Izmir and Alliance St Lenis sailed out to sea on Monday morning, while another ship Maran Gas Asclepius is expected to sail on same day at afternoon.
All these aspects will be discussed at the CLT17 in Cartagena, where the GSMA will lead a panel discussion with speakers including: Daniel Quintero Vice Minister of ICT of Colombia; Alfonso Gmez Palacio, President of Telefnica Colombia; Ana Lucia Lenis, Senior Manager Government Affairs and Public Policy Andean and Central Region at Google; and Martha Castellanos, Manager of the National Education Plan 2016-2025 at the Ministry of Education of Colombia.
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