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 (lē′nĭs, lā′-)
Articulated with relatively low pressure of the airstream below the glottis, as English (b) and (d) compared with (p) and (t).

[Latin lēnis, soft; see lē- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈliːnɪs) phonetics
(Phonetics & Phonology) (of a consonant) articulated with weak muscular tension
n, pl lenes (ˈliːniːz)
(Phonetics & Phonology) a consonant, such as English b or v, pronounced with weak muscular force
[C19: from Latin: gentle]
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(ˈli nɪs, ˈleɪ-)

adj., n., pl. -nes (-niz) adj.
1. (of a consonant sound) pronounced with relatively weak muscular tension and breath pressure, as the sounds (b, d, g, j, v, t, z, zh) in English. Compare fortis.
2. a lenis consonant.
[1925–30; < Latin: soft, mild, gentle]
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Thus, none of the Icelandic and Danish (fortis or lenis) stops would undergo passive voicing: the glottal spreading would be too great." (12)