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Noun1.lens cap - cap used to keep lens free of dust when not in uselens cap - cap used to keep lens free of dust when not in use
cap - something serving as a cover or protection
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There's no need to worry about a lens cap inadvertently adjusting the diopter.
This set comes with the lenses including wide angle, macro and fish eye, as well as a lens cap, carrying pouch and a clip to attach the lenses to your smartphone.
He took the self-portrait by getting rid of the lens cap and then "running into frame where he sat for a minute before covering up the lens again".
The lens cap is off now and it sees everything." "I can't wait for Jordan Peele's Us to come out," said Due.
Each is packaged in a hermetically sealed, three-pin TO-46 metal can with flat lens cap, with either through-hole or surface mounting.
Manahan exhibited the works, "Self Portrait with Lens Cap On" (1972), a collection of 36 photos (one whole roll) of dark self-portraits, punctuated by the word Kodak' and "I will Breathe, Scale in time: 1:27 components, Plastic Bag Covering Head, CO2, O2,", an installation that featured a video monitor and 19 pieces of 11x17 photographic stills from the video itself, that of Manahan smoking a cigarette with a bag over his head.
In one instance, when Souders is convinced that he's finally found that perfect polar bear, he begins to snap frame after frame with his camera -- only to realize later that he never removed the lens cap.
It's very bright." She'd look again and still see nothing (because I'd leave the lens cap on).
Jacksonville, Florida-based Safariland is using the Spectra Shield material to more thoroughly integrate the lens cap made from ballistic glass onto the shield's frame, according to the company.
Overall length is 10.6 inches, not counting the clear flip-up front lens cap that comes with it.
A standout feature of the X Series boltless shield line is a molded ballistic lens cap integrated into the ballistics of the shield, creating a stronger, more lightweight product.