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Noun1.lens capsule - a tenuous mesoblastic membrane surrounding the lens of the eye
capsule - a structure that encloses a body part
crystalline lens, lens of the eye, lens - biconvex transparent body situated behind the iris in the eye; its role (along with the cornea) is to focuses light on the retina
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As shown in Figure 2(a), some tiny lens capsule tissues were tightly adhered to the bottom of the flasks, 48 hours later, and some growing LECs were clearly seen below the semitransparent lens capsule pieces.
Reuss described it as a glaucoma associated with spontaneous absorption of lens substance through intact lens capsule. Lens induced glaucoma is characterised by secondary glaucoma in one eye with senile mature cataract, senile hypermature cataract, rarely immature senile cataract.
Slit lamp examination showed a small self sealed corneal laceration, a large horizontal laceration in the anterior lens capsule with widely displaced rolled edges, traumatic cataract, and free cortical matter in the anterior chamber.
A mild amount of fibrin was present on the anterior lens capsule. The frequency of administration of ofloxacin (one drop OS q8h) and hyaluronan (one drop OU q6-8h) was increased.
Catalys laser system's integrated 3-D optical coherence tomography technology also provides imaging of the anterior chamber of the eye, which is hoped to support safe and accurate preparation of the lens capsule for precise positioning of intraocular lenses.
The natisa The back of the natural lens capsule is left in place, and an artificial lens is placed inside it.
The cornea, anterior and posterior lens capsule, sclera and iris appeared hyperechoic, and generated peaks on the A-mode (Figure 1).
He said that the polymer developed by his team could be injected into the lens capsule as a liquid, and then firmed up once it was in place.
The clouding that occurs when a cataract forms is caused by a buildup of proteins on the lens, which is contained within a lens capsule.
Table I Effects of polyphenols on the inhibition of dogfish lens catalase activity by UVA irradiation Oxygen production per minute: Sample category(*) percent of controls Whole lenses Mean of two experiments Dark control 100 Dark plus EGCG(1) 105 UVA exposed 43 UVA exposed plus EGCG 73 UVA exposed plus GTP(2) 94 UVA exposed BTP(3) 85 Lens capsule Sigma 2x epithelium crystallized homogenized beef liver Extracts supernatant catalase Dark controls 100 100 Dark plus EGCG - 89 UVA exposed 10 16 UVA exposed plus EGCG 55 83 * Average of 2 or 3 measurements; variation was [+ or -]10%.
Cataract removal can be done by cutting the front lens capsule with a tiny surgical scalpel and by breaking up the lens with an ultrasonic needle and extracting it with suction.