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Noun1.lens cover - cap used to keep lens free of dust when not in uselens cover - cap used to keep lens free of dust when not in use
cap - something serving as a cover or protection
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Backed by SIG SAUER's Infinite Guarantee, the tripod-compatible binocular comes with a tethered objective lens cover, neck/shoulder strap and padded ballistic nylon case.
Taking care of the projector's lens is also as easy as pie thanks to the Mirror Reflector that doubles as a lens cover. When not in use or when tucked away, the Mirror Reflector protects the lens from dust. 
The 12MP camera has optical image stabilization, a six-element lens, panorama, zoom, and a sapphire crystal lens cover. The 8 Plus has optical and digital zoom, up to 10x, and portrait lighting in portrait mode.
International Resource News-March 6, 2017--WeeTect introduces WeeTect Anti-fog Anti-scratch IP Camera Lens Cover in US and Europe
The addition of a clip-on lens cover transforms the spot to a line, giving crane operators additional load control.
While it is great value for money, you will have to invest a bit in the accessories - the most essential ones are the lens cover and waterproof casing - which will truly make it a perfect action camera.
a sapphire glass lens cover that protects it from scratches, HTC added.
It has a 20 MP rear dual cameras with sapphire lens cover and a front 4 MP Ultra pixel camera.
The sight conies with a mount and a rubber bikini lens cover. It has a suggested retail of $673, although it can be found for sale online for at least $100 less than that.
- Glass lens cover available for direct lighting, suitable for higher installations
Cam Mouse can seamlessly switch between mouse and camera modes in a split second - simply slide open the lens cover and snap away.