lenticular nucleus

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Noun1.lenticular nucleus - a basal ganglion shaped like a lens and including the outer reddish putamen and the inner pale yellow pallidum
basal ganglion - any of several masses of subcortical grey matter at the base of each cerebral hemisphere that seem to be involved in the regulation of voluntary movement
globus pallidus, paleostriatum, pallidum - the inner pale yellow part of the lenticular nucleus
putamen - the outer reddish part of the lenticular nucleus
corpus striatum, striate body, striatum - a striped mass of white and grey matter located in front of the thalamus in each cerebral hemisphere; consists of the caudate nucleus and the lenticular nucleus
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In conclusion, parkinsonism in CJD may be caused by lesions to the basal ganglia affecting the lenticular nucleus, or by nigrostriatal pathway degeneration.
The neuropathological hallmark of the disease is neuronal loss and atrophy in lenticular nucleus, as well as in the midbrain [8], thalamus, and other parts of the basal ganglia [5].
These mainly included the bilateral temporal pole: middle temporal gyrus; left superior frontal gyrus, orbital part; left thalamus; right lenticular nucleus; putamen; left lingual gyrus; right cuneus; left posterior cingulate gyrus; and right dorsolateral superior frontal gyrus.
Background: Few studies have addressed whether abnormalities in the lenticular nucleus (LN) are characteristic transcranial sonography (TCS) echo features in patients with primary dystonia.