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n. lentiginosis, presencia de un gran número de léntigos.
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Variant of linear atrophoderma of Moulin: hyper- and hypopigmented linear atrophoderma with aberrant area cutanea and lentiginosis following the lines of Blaschko.
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A small but important subset of myxomas occur as part of the Carney complex--a rare, autosomal-dominant multiple neoplasia syndrome, classically characterized by lentiginosis, endocrine tumors, and cardiac myxomas [4].
Vulvar melanosis or vulvar lentiginosis, also referred to as lentigo simplex, is the most common pigmented lesion in adult women, representing approximately 70% of all pigmented vulvar lesions [39,40].
(1993) Cerebral infarction, cardiac myxoma and lentiginosis. Rev Neurol 149: 289-291.
(6, 7) Lentiginosis induced by psoralen UVA therapy, (8) tacrolimus (9) and squaric acid dibutyl ester (10) have been described in the literature.
Around 7% of cases are familial, Carney syndrome (autosomal dominant multiple neoplasia and lentiginosis) being the outstanding example [3].
There are few case reports of nevus spilus associated with other abnormalities like halo nevus,5 centrofacial lentiginosis,6 bilateral nevus of Ito7 etc.
The heart in lentiginosis. Br Heart J 1972; 34: 58-66.
Pigmented epithelioid melanocytoma can occur in a syndromic setting of Carney complex (a familial lentiginosis and low-grade neoplasia syndrome) but is more frequently seen as a sporadic lesion in patients without the complex.
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