leopard's bane

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leop·ard's bane

Any of several perennial plants of the genus Doronicum in the composite family, native to Eurasia and widely cultivated for their yellow flower heads borne on long stalks. Also called doronicum.

[Translation of Latin pardalianches, a kind of aconite or leopard's bane (said by Pliny the Elder to have been rubbed on meat in the belief that it would cause leopards that ate it to die from asphyxiation), from Greek pardaliankhes : pardalis, leopard + -ankhes, neuter of -ankhēs, strangler, killer (from ankhein, to strangle).]
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Doronicums, the leopard's banes, are a perfect example of a well behaved perennial and will give a good show in spring in a sunny position.