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Noun1.Leopard cat - small spotted wildcat of southern Asia and Malaysialeopard cat - small spotted wildcat of southern Asia and Malaysia
Felis, genus Felis - type genus of the Felidae: true cats and most wildcats
wildcat - any small or medium-sized cat resembling the domestic cat and living in the wild
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Panthera) Advocate for wild cats; helped create the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve, the world's first jaguar sanctuary; generated the first scientific research on Indochinese tigers, Asiatic leopards and leopard cats leading to the World Heritage designation of the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary.
The Bengal cat breed was first developed in the United States in 1963 when leopard cats were crossed with domestic cats in an attempt to prevent wild cats from being exploited for the fur market, as well as dangerous wild cats being kept as pets.
And his zookeeping includes looking after a huge variety of carnivores - 34 sand cats, 15 lions, 10 meerkats, six pumas, four serval cats, three tigers, a number of hyenas, leopard cats and a duo of African cheetahs at Al Ain Zoo.
Agency for International Development (USAID) has revealed that large mammals, including Asiatic black bears, gray wolves, markhor goats, and leopard cats are surviving in parts of Afghanistan despite braving years of conflict.
Given their breeding, a cross between domestic and Asian Leopard cats, they hoped these might fare better than a smaller cat.
For good looks it is hard to beat the Bengals, who were developed as crosses between Asian Leopard cats and domestic cats and who have a fabulous spotted coat.
Federal authorities in the US have revealed that a man from Palm Springs, US has been arrested on charges of bringing two protected newborn Asian leopard cats through Los Angeles International Airport.
The 30-year-old, who lives with husband Glen and two young children, said she has always wanted to own the two leopard cats and two African Serval cats, which are part of the cheetah family.
Live wildlife in markets in Guangzhou, China, trade in masked palm civets, ferret badgers, barking deer, wild boars, hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels, bamboo rats, gerbils, various species of snakes, and endangered leopard cats, along with domestic dogs, cats, and rabbits (2).
The AAF hope to persuade the Chinese government to follow other Asian countries and outlaw the eating of animals that we see as pets or rare breeds - rare leopard cats, barking deer and flying squirrels are also sold to restaurants.
Zoologist and trapper Quentin Rose said that in the last six years he had identified 27 reliable reports of leopards and 32 of pumas, along with 18 smaller members of the cat family - jungle cats, leopard cats and ocelots.