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 (lĕp′ə-rīn′, -ər-ĭn)
Of or characteristic of rabbits or hares.

[Latin leporīnus, from lepus, lepor-, hare.]
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(Zoology) of, relating to, or resembling a hare
[C17: from Latin leporīnus, from lepus hare]
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(ˈlɛp əˌraɪn, -rɪn)

of or resembling a rabbit or hare.
[1650–60; < Latin leporīnus=lepor-, s. of lepus hare + -īnus -ine1]
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Warrants were executed at seven addresses across the borough on Wednesday morning as part of a crackdown on the supply of Class A and B drugs - codenamed Operation Leporine.
Richard Adams' 1972 novel of leporine self-determination--and how brutish and short a rabbit's life can be--gets a CGI-enhanced update courtesy of Netflix and the BBC, along with an impressive voice cast that includes Ben Kingsley, James McAvoy, and John Boyega.
The main causes of mortality in the hare are: 1) predation, with fox Vulpes vulpes predation accounting for up to 76-100% of annual production (Reynolds and Tapper 1995); 2) disease, including European Brown Hare Syndrome, coccidiosis, leporine dysautonomia, toxoplasmosis and pseudotuberculosis (Peroux 1995, Whitwell 1997, Jokelainen et al.
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A new leporine (Lagomorpha: Leporidae) from Wisconsinan deposits of the Chihuahuan Desert.
On Saturday nights, she sashays out in a party frock and perfume exuding all the scents of the East, but on Sunday she lights her briar pipe, before slapping her thighs and striding off to the moors in a pair of robust brogues, Donegal tweed breeches and a Norfolk jacket - a Gertrude Stein of the leporine world."
One of the notable features of the current catalogue is the index checklist, which divides the animals on display into the following categories: "Figurative," "Equine," "Cervine," "Feline," "Bovine," "Ursine," "Avian," "Reptilian," "Elephantine," "Canine," "Leporine," and "Primates." I may have missed one or two, but you get the idea.
Around 40 officers were involved in Operation Leporine -which is linked to the supply of Class A and B drugs.
51), cleverly conflating 'lepidoptera' and 'leporine'.