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 (lĕp′rĭ-kŏn′, -kôn′)
In Irish folklore, a mischievous elflike creature or fairy who grants wishes or reveals the location of hidden treasure when captured.

[Irish Gaelic luprachán, alteration of Middle Irish luchrupán, from Old Irish luchorpán : luchorp (lú-, small; see legwh- in Indo-European roots + corp, body, from Latin corpus; see kwrep- in Indo-European roots) + -án, diminutive suff.]

lep′re·chaun′ish adj.
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somewhat similar to a leprechaun
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Southern Comfort finds its emotional core in two relationships that reorient our notions of gender identity: Eads's love for Lola Cola, a male-to-female transsexual with a Betty Boop naughtiness and an early Streisand wig, and the father-son bond that evolved between Eads and Maxwell, a leprechaunish female-to-male transsexual with a protective hold on Eads that teetered between devoted and dysfunctional.
Dorothy herself (Karen McCormick) is tougher and harder, and like everyone else--at least according to Kesey, who plays the Wizard in leprechaunish top hat--she is asleep while the world hurtles toward disaster.