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n. pl. lep·ro·sar·i·ums or lep·ro·sar·i·a (-ē-ə)
A hospital for the treatment of leprosy.

[Medieval Latin leprōsārium, from Late Latin leprōsus, leprous; see leprous.]
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n, pl -ia (-ɪə)
(Medicine) a hospital or other centre for the treatment or care of lepers
[C20: from Medieval Latin: see leper]
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(ˌlɛp rəˈsɛər i əm)

n., pl. -sar•i•a (-ˈsɛər i ə)
a hospital for the treatment of lepers.
[1840–50; < Medieval Latin; see leprous, -ary]
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Public-spirited citizens wrote to the papers, declaiming against the maintenance of such a danger to the community, and demanding that the United States government build a national leprosarium on some remote island or isolated mountain peak.
The settlement, more affectionately known as the Valley of Hope, was the second largest leprosarium in the world; this contributed to the discovery of a cure for leprosy in the region.
Charitable homes for the poor, hospices for travellers and pilgrims, hospitals for the poor--including a leprosarium, schools for re-educating fallen girls, workshops for various crafts, houses fot the medical staff, all these were part of this welfare institution.
Chiki quietly went to the slums of Leveriza and Tala Leprosarium, teaching catechism and doing social work.
He said the charity project of the Ahmadiyya Community has seen them make several donations in the past to the Ankaful Maximum Prison, Ankaful Leprosarium and other orphanages in the Central Region.
According to him, Teaching hospitals provide an opportunity for better professional practice and career developments and explained that the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital started as Leprosarium in 1904, converted into a General Hospital in 1966, Specialist Hospital in 1978 and was handed over to the federal government to serve as Teaching Hospital in 2010.
1210), an Old French poet whose Chanson de Saisnes is based on the war between King Charlemagne and the Saxons, entered a leprosarium for treatment (Gray 195).
As a child, the Alchemist developed symptoms of leprosy and was sent some 600 km to the west with his mother to live at the Derby Leprosarium, also known as Bungarun.
On its early years of operation, the leprosarium was a ghastly place no one wanted to see.
Yomeddin tells the coming-of-age tale of lifetime leprosarium inhabitant, Beshay (Rady Gamal).
Previously in the Philippines, it was compulsory to segregate people with leprosy, which led to the setting up of a leprosarium in Culion, Palawan.
You can be a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, you could move the garbage, you can be an emergency rescue worker or go to a leprosarium, and do something that is a genuine contribution to the well-being of humankind.