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1. Having leprosy.
2. Of, relating to, or resembling leprosy.
3. Biology Having or consisting of loose, scurfy scales.

[Middle English leprus, from Old French lepros, from Late Latin leprōsus, from lepra, leprosy; see leper.]

lep′rous·ly adv.
lep′rous·ness n.


1. (Pathology) having leprosy
2. (Pathology) relating to or resembling leprosy
3. (Biology) biology a less common word for leprose
[C13: from Old French, from Late Latin leprosus, from lepra leper]
ˈleprously adv
ˈleprousness n


(ˈlɛp rəs)

1. affected with leprosy.
2. of or resembling leprosy.
3. Biol. covered with scales.
[1175–1225; Middle English < Late Latin leprōsus. See leper, -ous]
lep′rous•ly, adv.
lep′rous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.leprous - relating to or resembling or having leprosy


[ˈleprəs] ADJleproso


adjleprös, aussätzig (old)


[ˈlɛprəs] adjlebbroso/a
References in classic literature ?
When the Lord sends the curse of leprosy or pestilence into a family, every one flies and shuns the abode of the leprous or plague-stricken.
For the white leprous face of the sphinx was towards it.
Above me towered the sphinx, upon the bronze pedestal, white, shining, leprous, in the light of the rising moon.
From the boat-deck, with a bowline under Kwaque's arms and a turn of the rope around a pin, Dag Daughtry had lowered his leprous servitor into the waiting launch.
Every day the police net would drag hundreds of them off the streets, and in the detention hospital you might see them, herded together in a miniature inferno, with hideous, beastly faces, bloated and leprous with disease, laughing, shouting, screaming in all stages of drunkenness, barking like dogs, gibbering like apes, raving and tearing themselves in delirium.
For one moment I had a vision of a horrible mask like a giant toad's, of a warty, leprous skin, and of a loose mouth all beslobbered with fresh blood.
The old-fashioned furniture of the chamber, which was a kind of hospital for all the invalided movables in the house, grew indistinct and shadowy in its many shapes; chairs and tables, which by day were as honest cripples as need be, assumed a doubtful and mysterious character; and one old leprous screen of faded India leather and gold binding, which had kept out many a cold breath of air in days of yore and shut in many a jolly face, frowned on him with a spectral aspect, and stood at full height in its allotted corner, like some gaunt ghost who waited to be questioned.
When one is far off and alone, it would not be well to grow blotched and leprous of a sudden,' said Mahbub.
And then, in proportion as he plunged deeper into the street, cripples in bowls, blind men and lame men, swarmed about him, and men with one arm, and with one eye, and the leprous with their sores, some emerging from little streets adjacent, some from the air-holes of cellars, howling, bellowing, yelping, all limping and halting, all flinging themselves towards the light, and humped up in the mire, like snails after a shower.
Let us be calm," I muttered to myself, and ran into the shade of a leprous wall.
A kind of square of leprous houses, some of which are attainable only by crazy wooden stairs without.
You see, they think we whites and the occasional nigger are Injuns that have been bleached out or blackened by some leprous disease or other - for some peculiarly rascally SIN, mind you.