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[New Latin Lespedeza, genus name, after V.M. de Céspedez (misread as Léspedez; fl. 1785), Spanish governor of Florida.]


(Plants) any of various herbs or shrubs of the genus Lespedeza of the family Leguminosae, which have white, purple or pink flowers, and which are native to Australia, Asia and North America


(ˌlɛs pɪˈdi zə)

n., pl. -zas.
any shrub or herb belonging to the genus Lespedeza, of the legume family, having trifoliolate leaves, grown esp. for forage.
[< New Latin (1803), after V. M. de Zespedez (misread as Lespedez), 18th-century Spanish governor of East Florida]
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Noun1.lespedeza - shrubby or herbaceous plants widely used for forage, soil improvement, and especially hay in southern United Stateslespedeza - shrubby or herbaceous plants widely used for forage, soil improvement, and especially hay in southern United States
genus Lespedeza - genus of shrubs or herbs of tropical Asia and Australia and the eastern United States
bicolor lespediza, ezo-yama-hagi, Lespedeza bicolor - Asian shrub having conspicuous racemose rose-purple flowers widely used as an ornamental and in erosion control and as a source of feed for wild birds
jap clover, japan clover, japanese clover, Lespedeza striata - an annual of tropical Asia naturalized in United States
Korean lespedeza, Lespedeza stipulacea - annual native to Korea but widely cultivated for forage and hay in hot dry regions
Lespedeza cuneata, Lespedeza sericea, sericea lespedeza - perennial widely planted as for forage and as hay crop especially on poor land
ligneous plant, woody plant - a plant having hard lignified tissues or woody parts especially stems
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This public land is a huge expanse of open country consisting of lespedeza and dotted with clumps of sumac and Russian olive.
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Phenotypic and genetic diversity of rhizobia isolated from nodules of the legume genera Astragalus, Lespedeza and Hedysarum in northwestern China.
These included, in order of preference, smooth sumac, white prairie clover, alkali sacaton, roundhead lespedeza (Lespedeza capitata), black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta), sand dropseed, western yarrow (Achillea millefolium var.
Arriving since Deam's publication are Alliaria petiolata, Artemesia vulgaris, Centaurea stoebe, Clematis terniflora, Lespedeza cuneata, Microstegium vimineum, and Najas minor.
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