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Adj.1.less-traveled - not visited by many travelers; "the tourist's desire to visit less-traveled countries"
unpopular - regarded with disfavor or lacking general approval; "unpopular ideas"; "an unpopular war"
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In contrast, working in a more traditional, figurative vein is clearly the less-traveled path.
It's a story of America's less-traveled roads and the people who live there.
"Hidden Kerry: The Keys to the Kingdom takes the reader along the less-traveled paths of the kingdom and is peopled with a varied cast of characters with colorful stories.
Fuchs, professor and writer-in-residence at the University of Papaloapan, has moved beyond the backpack and into unchartered territory as he explores less-traveled lands as a foreigner-turned-local.
This new edition includes recent extensions to several train lines plus further coverage of popular tourist destinations and less-traveled areas nearby, making it a fine recommendation.
Ranging from seven to 64 days, these cruises allow travelers the opportunity to explore a range of destinations, from iconic ports of call as well as smaller, less-traveled and equally fascinating port cities.