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Verb1.let go of - release, as from one's griplet go of - release, as from one's grip; "Let go of the door handle, please!"; "relinquish your grip on the rope--you won't fall"
muster out, discharge - release from military service
unclasp - release from a clasp; "She clasped and unclasped her hands"
pop - release suddenly; "pop the clutch"
toggle - release by a toggle switch; "toggle a bomb from an airplane"
unhand - remove the hand from
bring out, let out - bring out of a specific state
unleash - release or vent; "unleash one's anger"
let loose, loose, unleash - turn loose or free from restraint; "let loose mines"; "Loose terrible plagues upon humanity"
unleash - release from a leash; "unleash the dogs in the park"
disengage, withdraw - release from something that holds fast, connects, or entangles; "I want to disengage myself from his influence"; "disengage the gears"
hold, take hold - have or hold in one's hands or grip; "Hold this bowl for a moment, please"; "A crazy idea took hold of him"
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He heard her, and tried to pull down the sail; but the wind would not let go of the broad canvas and the ropes had become tangled.
So the king let go of me, and begun to cuss that town and everybody in it.
I was so thoroughly the master of John Barleycorn I could take up with him or let go of him whenever I pleased, just as I had done all my life.
And as Apo, he let go of that primal anger and declined the arrogance of those who hold power.
However, she added that although she may feel such, she must be determined to let go of some of her shoes.
Chuckles of splendor can be heard in the air as leaves let go of their tree and soar in the breeze.
The point I'm making is that it's so hard to let go of something you love so much after a long time.
I watch people getting promoted - they celebrate the moment, but never let go of the fact that they did the job better than the one who replaced them in the now junior role.
We had to cut its head off to get it to let go of her face."
You have to learn to let go of those bad feelings and move forward," she wrote in the open letter for Huffington Post.
The police footage includes audio and shows a different angle as the man was repeatedly ordered to let go of an officer's arm.
While Trying to Let Go of the Dying Sea Lions I Find Myself