lethal agent

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Noun1.lethal agent - an agent capable of causing death
agent - an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect; "their research uncovered new disease agents"
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Damon, 45, first played Jason Bourne in 2001 and won rave reviews for his depiction of the lethal agent with memory loss.
The applicant is entitled to be assisted by a medical practitioner either by the administration of a lethal agent or by providing the applicant with the necessary lethal agent to administer himself," Fabricius said in his Thursday ruling.
99 SO, another opportunity to unleash the force of the most lethal agent ever to exist.
Yet we know that physicians are needed to orchestrate the various means of selecting the lethal agent, administering its injection, and then declaring the actual moment of death of a human being on death row.
The company claimed to have created "true 'magic bullets' that can be attached to a lethal agent to target and destroy unwanted biologic entities such as cancer.
2, the hospital found that the nurse gave the patient sodium azide, a lethal agent often used in urine tests to curb the growth of germs in urine samples.
CDC examined the trial burn data from Army lethal agent incinerators on Johnston Island (J.
Botulinum toxin, the lethal agent in the most deadly form of food poisoning and one of the most toxic substances known to humanity, is now being used to treat a variety of muscle disorders.
This could give a lethal agent direct access to the bloodstream.
The lethal agent, kept in a two-year-old jam jar, was found in what is feared to have been a "bomb factory".
Biological decontamination, which could be aimed at a lethal agent such as anthrax, involves placing the aircraft in an inflatable hanger and exposing it to vaporized hydrogen peroxide.
There are no available vaccines or treatments for Marburg virus that have demonstrated as much potential for providing full protection against this lethal agent as GenPhar's vaccine.