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1. Causing or capable of causing death: a lethal weapon. See Synonyms at fatal.
2. Extremely harmful; devastating: accusations lethal to the candidate's image.

[Late Latin lēthālis, alteration (probably influenced by Lēthē, Lethe) of Latin lētālis, from lētum, death.]

le·thal′i·ty (lē-thăl′ĭ-tē) n.
le′thal·ly adv.
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Noun1.lethality - the quality of being deadly
unwholesomeness, morbidness, morbidity - the quality of being unhealthful and generally bad for you
fatality - the quality of being able to cause death or fatal disasters


The quality or condition of causing death:
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Cyteir Therapeutics discovers and develops novel therapeutics based on the biology of DNA repair and synthetic lethality for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.
I then sorted this data by relative lethality (for my complete data, see the Figure and Table at CurrentPsychiatry.
The tests at White Sands against aerial targets validated our lethality models and replicated the results we've seen against static targets at our own test range," said Keoki Jackson, Lockheed Martin's Chief Technology Officer.
Attendees will also be able to hear updates about key areas for development, enhancement of range, precision and lethality.
Now, it's integral to the Navy's state-of-the-art Laser Lethality and Development Laboratory.
It also demonstrates the efficacy and lethality of modern weapon systems operated by Pakistan Navy.
Suicide prevention hotlines have also been seen as providing the truest look at one's suicidality because people typically call these hotlines in their highest state of suicidal ideation and lethality (McGlothlin, 2008).
The various vessels' antiship cruise missiles (ASCMs) are the key differentiator when comparing their organic lethality.
Throughout the 28-year epidemic, the AIDS lethality rate in the studied population was 41.
Under this award, Teledyne will provide test execution, lethality development and validation, analyses, flight and ground test data collection, live fire test and evaluation, and missile integration and flight testing for missile defence weapon systems.
This capability will inflict maximum lethality to any enemy personnel seeking cover behind defilade.
The thermal lethality models most often utilized by the meat industry do not account for any adaptive response during slow-cooking processes.