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Of, causing, or characterized by lethargy.

le·thar′gi·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.lethargically - without energylethargically - without energy; in a lethargic manner; "he hung around the house lethargically"


advträge; (= without interest)teilnahmslos, lustlos
References in classic literature ?
On his face, in mild degree, was depicted sensuous pleasure as he lethargically scratched his ribs with his one hand.
The constant hammering and energy deficit weakens the plants and causes them to grow lethargically after the temperature rises.
The only way for Thistle is up but if they continue to play as lethargically as this their punters will be reaching for the hard stuff as they face up to the harsh reality of a relegation struggle.
For Sunderland's starters, having finished Wednesday's 1-1 draw at Hillsborough so lethargically, Saturday seemed a game too far and they were unable to contain Leeds' energetic attackers.
Pounders notes that when they used to gather bait a day or two in advance of tournaments, the shad were still alive in their bait tank but lying lethargically on the bottom, and died quickly on the hook.
For a team chasing the play-offs, they started far too lethargically and rarely got into top gear afterwards.
Our son Miles' small flock continue to lamb and we are getting up through the night to check on the lambing shed where the few mumsto-be are lethargically lying around in the straw and eating hay.
Then, as our ship heeled just a little further, the sunset glinted shyly against her acres of sails, turning them a shade of dusky rose pink as they flapped lethargically above our heads.
A sea of tall grass gives way to a fairground, to be replaced in turn by a group of cows, lying lethargically across a patchwork quilt of green.
Razzak himself was subsequently at fault in the field as he moved lethargically at mid-on towards a miscued swing by Ramdin, then on 35, off Mashrafe Mortaza.
Mind you, it's an improvement on some recent years, when the only bees I've seen have been struggling lethargically before dying.
The 15ft-long animal, who used to swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild, spends long spells just floating lethargically in her pool.